We understand everyone’s different in their approach to learning and getting things done. Some are happy to just crack on themselves, some need accountability and support along the way, whilst others just want it doing for them.

We think we’ve got all bases covered at Goliath! 


Do It Yourself

Online learning / Courses

Our online courses cover strategy, lead generation, funding and even how to scale your property business. We even include all the templates & resources you’ll need to be successful.

Delivered via our online learning platform, you can access your courses 24/7 when you need them the most. 

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Done With You

Coaching / Mentorship

Whether you’re looking for support along the way, or a proven system to accelerate your results, our coaching and mentorship offers could be right for you. 

Ranging from larger group coaching to 1:1 mentorship with property experts, Goliath Property Academy have you covered.


Done For You

marketing agency

Of course sometimes it’s just easier (& quicker) to get the experts to do it for you which is where our “done for you” service comes in. 

We take care of lead generation for you covering everything from social media management to finding property owners through paid advertising (and much more)! 

Do It Yourself

[Online Learning / Courses]

Property Business - "Launch & Scale" (Lite - Training Only)

Our popular monthly membership program is back and better than ever! 

The “Lite” version of our membership includes access to a constantly evolving training area, recordings of previous live workshops & masterclasses and a “Members Only” community for peer support and accountability. 

If you’re ready to launch (and or scale) your property business, then this membership’s for you! 

Property Sourcing & Deal Packaging "Bundle"

Everything you need to launch, establish and scale your property sourcing / deal packaging business. 

Whether it’s generating high quality leads, analysing deals or finding investors, our deal packaging bundle includes everything you need to get started AND gain momentum on your property sourcing journey. 

Rent to Rent Agency "Blueprint"

Imagine being able to control property without owning it! 

That’s exactly what the rent to rent strategy allows you to do, helping you generate an income more quickly that any other property investment strategy. 

In our Agency Blueprint, we take you step by step through the whole process from setting up correctly, finding and analysing suitable deals, negotiating with property owners and even basic property management training to help you find and manage tenants. 

You’ll find everything you need in this course to start earning from property within the next 30 days!

Direct To Owner Property Marketing "Boot Camp" (Digital Version)

It’s never been more important to generate direct to owner property leads for your business. 

In a highly competitive property market, you will find yourself constantly competing with others when properties come onto the market. 

Bypass the competition and get directly in front of the owner and beat the competition to deals they don’t even know exist! 

In this Masterclass we talk about the opportunities that are available and how to get to them without anyone else ever knowing! 

Investor Lead Generation "Masterclass"

One of the most important skills seasoned pro’s have is finding money for the deals they source.

Having unlimited access to funds means you can do more deals and more deals means more money! 

Contrary to popular belief, there’s A LOT of money out there waiting to be invested in secure investments like property, you just need to learn how to go out there and find it.

In this masterclass, we share our tips on how to find suitable investors to work with who are prepared to invest in deals with you and help scale your property business far more quickly than going it alone! 

Done With You

[Group Coaching & Support]

Property Business - "Launch & Scale" Training, Support & Accountability

Our popular monthly membership program is back and better than ever! 

Not only does our monthly subscription give you access to all our DIY courses, it also offers brand new content every month, group support calls and even 1:1 access to property experts. 

Education, accountability and mentorship has never been so accessible (and affordable)! 

If you’re ready to launch (and or scale) your property business, then this membership’s for you! 

Property Business Blueprint - Group Coaching

Building a property business can be a very exciting prospect (until the reality sets in). There are a lot of moving parts to setting up a successful property business for the long term and that’s what the Property Business Blueprint Coaching Program is designed to help with. 

From business set up to lead generation and analysis, we get you focused on one strategy in one area (at least to start with). 

We then work on finding investors, whether to purchase deals for a fee (deal packaging) or to invest in deals for a share of the profits (joint venture) or for a fixed return (loan). 

Our property experts are there every step of the way to ensure you’re making progress every day and being held accountable so overwhelm or “shiny penny syndrome” don’t set in!