Property Sourcing Marketing Campaigns: Determine The Perfect Timing

One of the most important elements of a successful property sourcing marketing campaign is the timing. You could spend ages creating an excellent campaign plan but when you launch it, the appetite just isn’t there. In the property sourcing industry, there are seasonal patterns that you can follow that will ensure that your campaigns are aligned to launch at the optimal time.

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January – Relationship Breakups

For instance, January is a time where a lot of relationships break down. The stress of the festive period can be the final nail in the coffin for some relationships. Or there will be some people waiting until after Christmas to split up. This generally leads to one person looking for a rental property and then the one remaining in the home may be unable to afford the mortgage alone. So this provides different marketing opportunities. You might see houses going on the market just after Christmas and these are the one you want to be targeting with your property sourcing marketing campaigns.

Student Terms

Another set of people that fit into seasonal peaks and troughs are students. So whenever there is an intake; usually January/February, then again at around April and then the August/September intake. These months are where students will be looking for accommodation. For property sourcers, this means that landlords will be influenced by what happens with their properties around these times.

You know that the landlords will be really busy with enquiries when the students are seeking accommodation but after that period has passed, they may have empty properties that they are more willing to accept a rent to rent deal for. So always aim that type of marketing campaign just after the student rush to get better results.

Springtime – Sales are high

The most popular time of year for sales is the springtime, as people don’t want to move around Christmas but they start to make plans at the start of the year. So generally this is the busiest time for people putting properties up for sale and estate agents will tell their clients to hold out for the asking price. As property sourcers, we are much less likely to get BMV deals in the March/April time.

But then a few months later, those properties that are still up for sale might be good opportunities for the BMV deals, as they haven’t been able to sell during that busier period. So then you target these people with a specific marketing message to provide them with a solution.

Summer Holidays Dip

People don’t really want to be doing property viewings around August because most people are going on holiday around this time. If their house has been up for sale for a while then they might be looking for a quick sale before schools go back. So targeting properties for BMVs is better around this time than September when more properties go on the market.


December is going to be very quiet for sales, as people are getting ready for Christmas. So there will be less people viewing through agents, meaning they will be more open to alternative offers and BMV offers.

We’ve highlighted the peaks and troughs throughout the year there, so if you want to maximise the effectiveness of your property sourcing marketing campaigns, work around this calendar. We’re giving the Property Seasons Annual Planner as a free resource to better help you in this journey. Make sure that your campaigns are specifically geared around the various strategies that will be more relevant at the specified times of year and you will start to see the results!