Property investor training: Why you need to become the go-to authority as a property investor

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When it comes to first starting out in property, I really want you to think about and be disciplined in becoming the go-to authority in your area for the strategy of focus you have chosen.

Because being the go-to authority will help you build a property portfolio, find investor finance, and build a solid network.

Do not try a scattergun approach, multiple strategies across multiple areas, you’re not going to get the authority you need to build that solid property business. This applies whether you’re looking to invest for yourself or to package deals for a fee. 

You want vendors or agents to feel confident working with you. If you have a reputation, a website, and an authority around the solution you provide, agents will feel more comfortable working with you, and vendors will know who you are. 

You will be the specialist service provider that allows you to become that person everyone thinks about when they have that particular property problem. 

The more prominent and aware people are of you, the more leads flow, and the easier it will be to convert those deals.

So whilst you’re going out and generating leads, you’ve got to make sure that you’re also simultaneously building that personal brand, that authority around what you’re doing.

The more specific you can be around that solution that you provide, the person you provide that solution for, the service you offer, the easier it will be to build that authority more quickly. 

And you’ll find that pipeline filling up in no time with more leads that are easier to convert.

Happy sourcing.