Property Investing for beginners – Top Tip!

Property investment really is not rocket science.

It can be very easy to over complicate the process when starting in property. But often the ones who get the most success are those, the ones that just go out and take action. 

There is a need for some form of level of education and investment in your property investing learning, but sometimes, too much information gathering can lead to analysis paralysis. By this we mean that when seeking out training for property investment for beginners it can be easy to ‘over educate’ because there is the need to be and feel super prepared for every eventuality.

Dealing with property investors

There are so many variables when it comes to dealing with people, dealing with property, dealing with service providers, dealing with finance. You simply cannot be ready for everything that could, might, happen to you. 

Because if we’re honest, it might never happen to you. 

What tends to happen is that the more you invest in education, in courses, in hot tips, in YouTube videos, the less action you are taking. This can then lead to you becoming more nervous because despite the training, your still not prepared for ‘every eventuality’. You can being to lose confidence in yourself.

To break the cycle, what you really need to do is just get out there, view properties, meet with people, have conversations with property owners, have conversations with the estate agents.

You might think that when you go in, you don’t want to look silly, but with the experience of being an agent for nine years and being in the property industry for over 17 years; it isn’t about how little knowledge you have got. The reality is, it is more important to know that when you say you’re going to do something, you go and do it. 


Taking control 

It is without doubt that you’re going to face hurdles in your property investing journey. There will be some bumps in the road and having someone alongside you that has been there and done that will help you, but that need to be when you are further into your journey. 

Don’t let overthinking stop you from starting in property investments –  just get out there and start doing it. It’s best way to start learning.