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Property Geek Podcast - Rob Dix

Interview - How To Source Property Deals

Anyone can pick a property off Rightmove and negotiate 5% off the asking price. You know that the REAL profits are made when you can reliably track down those elusive “below market value” or lease option opportunities… but where do you even start?

Executive Juice Podcast - Stuart Lordan

Interview - Solving problems, sourcing property and creating value

Mark shares in great depth how best to approach the sourcing of properties, deal packaging, and much more in an interview that goes much deeper than property.

Inside Property Investing - Mike Stenhouse

Interview - Mark Dunsmore has always had a passion for property...

Mark has had a passion for property from a young age, when he remembers the excitement of doing viewings around multiple houses with his dad. Like most of us though, he was distracted from this for a time by the corporate world, working telesales, then door to door selling, and eventually recruitment before finally returning to property in 2005.

Your Property Podcast - YPN

This week I am joined by Mark Dunsmore who had a passion for property from a young age but like so many of us, he was distracted from this for a time by the pull of the corporate world working telesales, door-to-door selling, and eventually recruitment before returning to his real love of property in 2005!

Your Property Network

How to go from successful estate agent to professional property sourcer, mentor and trainer. Many of us begin our journeys into property with a blank slate…

Your Property Network

Listen to the full interview that was used to create the magazine article here. 

Master The Markets - Thiru Nagappan

Mark Dunsmore is an real estate agent for 10 years working for one of the big corporate firms until he realised he could achieve his financial goals working in sourcing property deals for other investors. That’s when Goliath Property Solutions was born. He sources property deals for our clients all over the world using traditional and creative strategies.

More Than A Few Words - Lorraine Ball

This week our guest Mark Dunsmore explains the best way to become an expert in your niche is not to try to learn everything about your industry.  You don’t have to be a superpower in the industry and teach everything someone needs to know. 

Instead, what it means is having more knowledge than the person who wants to learn from you, and being able to package that up in a way that enables them to progress along their journey

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