How To Convert A Lead To A Lease Option For Optimum Benefits

BLOG There are quite a lot of landlords feeling a bit uncertain about the future right now, unsure of what the full impact of Brexit will be. So this obviously influences different aspects of the property market and particularly where some landlords may be thinking about selling in the near future. A lot of people […]

How To Find Property Investors

Imagine having a never ending pot of money to invest in your own property deals without needing a bank! Not only is this possible, it’s happening everyday in the property world and there’s no reason why you too shouldn’t be doing the same.

How To Start A Property Business Today

BLOG Today I want to show you how to start a property business the correct way, so by the time you have finished reading this you’ll have a realistic expectation of what you can achieve. DON’T get lured into thinking this is going to be easy… I could have lured you into reading this by grabbing your […]

How to Identify Landlords for Rent to Rent Deals

BLOG UPDATE (15th January 2021): Interested in the Rent to Rent strategy? Get started by reading our Complete Guide to Rent to Rent. When you are first starting out as a property sourcer, you might struggle with finding landlords that may be open to the idea of rent to rent deals. The longer you work […]

5 Tips on how to get started in property investing

BLOG Are you currently in full or part-time employment and looking to get started in property investing? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, we’ve taught over 2000 people how to get started with property investing, and one of the common themes throughout those 2000+ people is that the majority have or had some form of […]

5 Ways To Build Great Estate Agent Relationships And Source More Property Deals

BLOG If you want to make money from property sourcing then one of the most important elements that you’ll need to build relationships with estate agents. Estate agents are going to play a critical part in sourcing property, especially whilst you are first setting up. One of the really good things about agents is that you can […]

How To Source Property Deals To Grow Your Own Portfolio Or Sell To Other Investors

BLOG Learning how to source property deals to grow your own portfolio or sell to other investors is a very important skill to know.   Whether you’re just starting out on your property investment journey, you’re a seasoned investor looking to grow your portfolio or you’re a deal packager looking to offer more deals to […]

The Secret To Property Deal Sourcing Fees Is Revealed

In the property sourcing industry, a debate that continually arises is how to apply the right sourcing fee in different situations. It doesn’t help that there are sourcers out there that will apply a fixed rate fee, regardless of the level of work involved or the type of deal.

How to Build a Property Portfolio Using Other People’s Money

In this article, I’ll tell you how you can start investing in property even if you have no capital of your own to invest. And it doesn’t involve spending years exploring ‘no money down’ strategies or deal packaging to build an investment pot because that would take you years.

What Is Rent To Rent And How Can I Make Money From It

You’re probably reading this because you’ve heard of this amazing strategy where you can make money off property you don’t own but aren’t quite sure how it works OR you’ve never heard of this strategy before but now, I’ve got your attention!