7 Steps To Consistent And Predictable Property Deal Lead Flow

The success stories of online marketing are well publicised across a wide range of industries. However cutting edge digital marketing strategies seem to have all but bypassed the majority of the property sector. And therein lies the opportunity for property deal sourcing business owners to tap into a potential goldmine.

A well thought out and executed online lead generation system essentially behaves like a conveyor belt. Sellers or landlords enter the front of your ‘funnel’, you offer value, education and motivation that moves them from being interested in doing a deal with you to actually picking up the phone and asking you to do a deal.

Here’s how…

Step 1 – Specific Strategy Targeting

Get clear on the type of strategy you want to generate leads for e.g. Are you looking for Flip deals, BMV deals, rent to rent deals etc etc

Step 2 – Target Audience Persona

This is all about finding the right type of person to generate leads for. This includes demographics like gender, age, area they live etc. As an example, if you were targeting leads for a Rent to Rent strategy, you would be targeting landlords, so you should be thinking about what worries and concerns do landlords have that you can use when you create content to attract this type of audience.

Step 3 – Finding your Target Audience

So now you’ve built your Target Audience Persona, you need to find them. Where would you typically find them online? Do they belong to any groups or forums? What types of blogs do they read? You can use all of this information to find the target audience you’re looking for.

Step 4 – Creating a Lead Magnet

This is the really good bit – the carrot that you’re dangling to entice your target audience. Think about the type of information your target audience really needs. Going back to the Rent to Rent example, you could maybe offer some content related to “The ten ways landlords can guarantee their rental income without the need to ever speak to a tenant” or something similarly compelling. Remember here that you shouldn’t offer the full solution to their problem but use it as an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and authority on the topic and then they’ll come back to you in the future to solve their problem.

Step 5 – Creating a Squeeze Page

I love the term ‘Squeeze page’, it actually comes from the idea that you are squeezing the visitor for their email address. You may also have heard the terms landing page or optin page but essentially they’re all the same thing. An important thing to consider when creating this is that there shouldn’t be any navigation on the page as you don’t want to give them options to go to another page, only give the option to leave their email address. Squeeze it right out of them!

Step 6 – Get the Traffic!

We’ve done all of this hard work creating the and squeeze page and now what we have to do is invite our visitors round. Going back to Step 3 where we were finding where they hang out, use this information to drive traffic to your site. There are two types of traffic: Free and Paid. Free Traffic comes from organic searches from Google or social media. Paid Traffic (you might have heard the term Pay Per Click) is where you pay every time someone clicks on one of your ads. You will have seen these adverts at the top of search engine results; they normally have a little ‘Ad’ symbol next to them.lead magnet

Step 7 – Engage with your Prospects

Okay so you’ve reeled them in, now you need to build a beautiful, meaningful relationship with them. Woo them and regularly remind them that they are important to you and that you are important to them. You can do this by using your first email to offer something valuable that you know they are interested in.

It is important to always include a Call to Action in all of your contacts with them. Going back to the Rent to Rent example, your Call to Action could be a really prominent box at the bottom of your first email: “Excessive void periods and/or rent arrears eating into your profits? We can guarantee your rental income whether your property is empty or not. Either hit Reply to this Email or call us now on….”.

You’ve done your homework on your target audience; you know what keeps them up at night so use that information to show them how useful you can be in solving their problems. As I mentioned before, keep in regular contact, building up trust by sending great information/content. You shouldn’t expect instant success, so be patient, it can take months but it will work so be persistent!

Going back to what I said earlier about the property industry not taking advantage of online marketing – we have a real opportunity to use these marketing methods that are commonplace in other industries. I have been using them for a while and have seen huge results, don’t miss out on this massive opportunity.