10 Essential Productivity Apps that Successful Property Sourcers Cannot Live Without

Time is a very important commodity and squeezing as much out of your time as possible will help you to be more successful in any industry. With property sourcing, many people start off balancing a full time job and trying to launch a property sourcing business, so high levels of productivity are critical.

So how do you boost your productivity levels? The solution comes in the form of a mix between systemising your business, delegating to team members and using the relevant productivity apps/software to cut out unnecessary time spent on tasks.

Here are 10 amazing productivity apps for property sourcers that work well for boosting productivity in the property sourcing world:

1. Trello

Trello is essentially a collaboration tool that enables you to organise projects into boards. It shows you at a glance; who is working on what and where in the process a task is up to. You can create cards for different tasks that include checklists, comments, due dates etc. so all communications related to a specific task stays within that card. It works well when people are based in different locations, to bring a project together without sending emails back and forth.

2. Lastpass

If you struggle with remembering all of the various passwords and logins that you need to use on a regular basis then Lastpass might be just what you need. You can waste valuable time trying different passwords, getting locked out etc. but with Lastpass, your login will be remembered. One of the great aspects of Lastpass is you can share passwords without revealing your passwords. So say for example you have someone working on something for you but you don’t want to reveal your password, Lastpass will fill in the password without showing what it is.

3. iPhone Speech Recognition

Not an app as such but a very useful function, nevertheless. The speech recognition tool within an iPhone can save loads of time as an alternative to typing out text. So say you are writing a text message or a WhatsApp message, you can click on the little microphone icon and dictate the message instead. You might get a few words that haven’t been recognised that you need to amend but it is very accurate these days.

4. Lucid Chart

If you like to create mind maps and flowcharts then Lucid Chart could be your new best friend. Go to to use this cloud-based app to create simple flowcharts, ideal for building business processes that you need to share or remind yourself of.

5. Evernote

A long-time favourite in the productivity app charts, Evernote still offers some useful features. Whilst some people have moved onto other apps for some of the key features that Evernote provides, one thing it is best for is saving a link to something you want to come back to at a future date. Scanning and holding business cards is another useful function of Evernote.

6. Jing

This app is great for sharing a video or image capture of your screen whilst talking to people. So it is perfect if you wanted to discuss and annotate content with someone who isn’t physically in the same room as you.

7. Awesome Screenshot

Similar to Jing but offers something different in that you can screen grab a longer page, so when you are scrolling a page you can still share it in one grab.

8. Canva

For creating professional marketing material at low cost, Canva is a great solution. Instead of paying designers to create your brochures, banners and other marketing material, Canva provides you with templates and free images to use. It is easy to use, with a drag and drop functionality and is probably the best free design software out there. There are also a load of premium images and templates that are quite cheap to purchase.

9. Adobe Sign/Hello Sign

Paper contracts take up so much time and e-signatures are legally binding, so they are a much more efficient way of getting contracts signed. Both Adobe Sign and Hello Sign are great apps that integrate with other software to speed up your signature contract processes – massively important in the property industry.

10. Feedly

If you like to keep informed of the latest news across the industry but don’t have the time to visit ten different websites, Feedly can help. It is basically a news aggregator app that pulls all the content you specify into one app feed. So you select the sources and content that you want to see and how often you want it, Feedly does the rest.

Get the full links of the above apps and more from the download link below.