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Property Investor
Keen Golfer (on a mission to single figures)

Having spent the past 18 years immersed in the UK property industry, I like to think I know a thing (or three) about it.

I started my career as a trainee lettings negotiator back in 2005 and quickly rose up the ranks finishing my employed career in 2014 as an area manager looking after 11 offices for one of the big corporates.

After a brief foray in property maintenance, I launched my own property investment consultancy in 2014 helping investors build residential property portfolios in the North of England.

2016 saw me launch a training academy offering online courses, coaching programs and 1:1 mentorship to help others build a successful property business, both sourcing for themselves leveraging other people’s money, as well as packaging deals up for other investors for a fee.

Fast forward to today and I now run a digital marketing agency focused entirely on helping property businesses generate more leads (Funnel Genies) and a software company helping property businesses automate and manage their marketing efforts from one place (Funnel Suite). 

I also have my own property investment agency (Miramar Property Group) offering homeowners and investors a range of services to help add value and improve returns on their properties, including refurbishment services, lettings and property management as well as off market sales, purchasing ourselves as well as on behalf of our clients! 

Digital Marketing, Copywriting & LEAD GENERATION SPECIALIST

After leaving school in 2000, I decided not to go to University and instead chose to study at the school of life! 

That meant, from the age of 18 I worked in sales and marketing roles – from bar work in Portugal (where I grew up) to telesales, door to door sales to recruitment and then more recently property agency. 

Over the years I’ve developed my lead generation and conversion skills and applied those to each role I’ve taken on. 

Whether offline “guerrilla” marketing or more sophisticated online lead generation, I’ve become pretty good (if I do say so myself) at being able to generate leads and convert those into sales. 

Copywriting and content creation with a view to acquiring leads and converting them into deals is my “specialist subject” and it’s what I personally offer businesses amongst other services via my marketing agency – Growthology Group (see below). 

family man, keen golfer and sports mad

When I’m not helping people generate more leads and make more money, I enjoy a round (or three) of golf – I’m determined to get back down to single figures (currently 13)! 

I also enjoy spending time with my family going swimming, visiting the local park or days out to local (and non local) attractions, country fairs and the beach (every now and then). 

I also play hockey for my local team, although starting to feel old now the majority of my team mates are under 30! 

My biggest passion is helping people, whether that’s personally or in business, I’m always there to offer whatever support and guidance I can to ensure you’re moving a little bit closer to whatever it is you’re trying to achieve. 

My Companies

Miramar Property group

2022 also saw the launch of a new property consultancy, Miramar Property Group, focused on helping property owners, landlords and investors increase the value of their homes and return on their investments via a variety of property services. 

Whether you’re looking to replace your kitchen or bathroom at home, add an extension or conversion or just redecorate throughout, Miramar Construction can help.  

If you’re looking to increase the rental income across your portfolio, whether that’s one property or one hundred, Miramar Property Management can help advise and manage the process for you. 

Considering selling your property but need a discrete sale or would prefer not to go on the open market? Miramar offer a property buying service where we will purchase the property if it meets our requirements. If we do not buy the property ourselves, we can look to find buyers for your property, all done off market and away from the portals and associated hassles of being on the open market. 

Looking to invest in North Yorkshire? Miramar Capital work with investors, offering a number of different services from fixed rate returns on property projects to a full end to end service including finding, refurbishing and then letting out and management offering true armchair investment opportunities.  

Visit our website to find out more…

Funnel Genies

In 2022, I decided to offer my marketing skills to the world and set up my own digital marketing agency focusing specifically on lead generation and conversion – the most important part of any businesses growth. 

The “customer journey” is something I’m very passionate about, setting up marketing funnels to capture leads interested in your product or service and then nurturing them until they’re ready to purchase. 

We remove any need for the “hard sell” as we set up automated systems that do all the hard work for you so all you need to do is take the order / sign them up. 

Of course there are many working parts to marketing and sales funnels and that’s what we’re really good at. We do that bit which leaves you to focus on what you do best. 

We offer a number of services including full end to end build and ongoing management. 

If you’d like to find out more about how The Funnel Genies can help your business generate more leads and generate more revenue, click below. 


Successful lead generation relies on multiple phases of communication, nurture and follow up. But staying consistent with all of these can be tough, especially when it’s not your area of expertise. 

There are so many phases of lead generation, conversion and nuture in the property sector, it’s hard to keep track. 

That’s why we’ve take our 17+ years of property industry experience, combined it with our 20+ years of sales and marketing experience and created an “all in one” marketing toolbox to make your life much easier! 

From contact management (CRM) to lead management (pipelines), automated communication (Email & SMS) to social media management (planner and scheduler) we’ve got you covered. 

With lots of templates and pre-built workflows to choose from, we’ve done our best to make the tech side of things as easy as possible so you can focus your energy on doing what you do best! 

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